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DualCan for ec3xx Modules

The double CAN interface is an add-on module which can be stacked on the ec376, ec336, or ec332 microcontroller-module. It provides two independent SJA1000 Full CAN controller with optically isolated bus interface. The SJA100 is a stand-alone CAN Controller. The Controller is hardware and software compatible to the PCA82C200 CAN Controller (Basic CAN) from Philips. Additionally a new Mode of operation is implemented (PeliCAN) which supports the CAN 2.0B protocol specification with several new features. The signals of each CAN-bus are connected to a 10-pin connector suitable for an external 9-pin D-sub connect or according to ISO/DIS CiA/DS102-1.

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DualCan - for ec3xx modules

Features of DualCan

  • Two SJA1000 stand allone CAN-Controller. 
  • Two separate optically isolated CAN- Interfaces according to ISO/DIS 11898 using HP7110 Optocouplers and two PCA82C250T Transceiver



  • Complete Software Package with Full/Basic-CAN Driver Library. Available for different C-Compilers CANopen available on request See also ec332-CAN Software Package
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