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Microcontroller Module ec336 with MC68336 Chip

The ec336 is a powerful microcontroller module, which plugs directly in your embedded application. It provides the Motorola MC68336 microcontroller.
The MC68336 contains intelligent peripheral modules time processor unit (TPU), 10-Bit queued analog-to-digital converter (QADC), queued serial module (QSM) and a configurable timer module (CTM4). The TPU can be used for standard binary I/O purposes, but also for more sophisticated tasks as frequency analyses, PWM Output, Motor Control, Counter/Timer, etc. .
The queued analog-to-digital converter (QADC) is a 10-bit, unipolar, successive approximation converter maximum of 16 analog input channels can be supported using internal multiplexing. A maximum of 44 input channels can be supported in the expanded, externally multiplexed mode.

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ec336 Module with its MC68336 Chip

Features of MC68336 Chip

  • 20,97 MHz Operating Frequency 
  • 16-bit Architecture
  • 16 MByte Address Space
  • 4 KByte On-Chip SRAM
  • 3.5 KByte TPU Emulation RAM Module
  • 16-bit Time Processor Unit (TPU) Dedicated Microengine operating independently of CPU32 (TPU-Version A or G)
  • 16 independent, programmable channels
  • Configurable Timer Modul (CTM4) with two 16-bit modulus counters (MCSM)
  • 4 dedicated PWM channels
  • 4 capture compare channels with PWM-mode
  • 12 programmable Chip-Select Outputs
  • Watchdog Timer, Clock-Monitor, Bus-Monitor
  • Two 8-bit dual Function Input/Output Ports
  • One 7-bit dual Function Output Port
  • Serial Communication Interface (SCI)
  • Queued Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI)
  • 10-bit Queued analog-to-digital Converter 16 Channels internally, up to 41 Channels with external multiplexing
  • Background-Debug-Interface (BDM)


Features of ec336 Module

  • Flash-EPROMs (PLCC) up to 1 MByte (16 bits wide) 0 waitstates
  • SRAM up to 1 MByte (16 bits wide) 0 waitstates
  • Fast Termination Mode for Flash-EPROMs and RAMs optional (two-cycle bus transfer)
  • MAX791 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit Battery-Backup Power Switching and RESET-Generator
  • Up to 8 KByte Serial EEPROM on QSPI
  • Backup of SRAMs, internal RAM possible with an external Battery
  • High-Speed RS232C Transmitter/Receiver (MAX232A) max.116 Kbit/s
  • 6 Layers PCB
  • Microcontroller-Bus accessible via two 64-pin connectors (compatible to the ec336/332-Modules)
  • Outer Dimensions 92 x 55 mm, height 15 mm
  • Operating Temp. 0 to +70 C
  • Industrial temperature range -40C to +85C optional
  • Power Supply +5VDC typical 200 mA
  • Optically isolated CAN-interface according to ISO/DIS 11898
  • On-Board Programming of Flash-EPROMs by PROG32
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