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Microcontroller Module ec376 with MC68376-TouCan Chip

The ec376 is a powerful microcontroller module which plugs directly in your embedded application. It provides the Motorola MC68376 microcontroller.
The MC68376 contains intelligent peripheral modules such as the CAN 2.0B controller module (TouCAN), time processor unit (TPU), 10-Bit queued analog-to-digital converter (QADC), queued serial module (QSM) and a configurable timer module (CTM4).The TouCAN module is a communication controller that implements the controller area network (CAN) protocol, an asynchronous communication protocol used in the automotive and industrial control systems.
It is a high speed (1Mbit/sec), the TPU can be used for standard binary I/O purposes, but also for more sophisticated tasks as frequency analyses, PWM Output, Motor Control, Counter/Timer, etc. .

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ec376 Module with its MC68376 Chip

Features of MC68376 Chip

  • 20,97 MHz Operating Frequency 
  • 16-bit Architecture
  • 16 MByte Address Space
  • 4 KByte On-Chip SRAM
  • 3.5 KByte TPU Emulation RAM Module
  • 16-bit Time Processor Unit (TPU) Dedicated Microengine operating independently of CPU32 (TPU-Version A or G)
  • 16 independent, programmable channels
  • Configurable Timer Modul (CTM4) with two 16-bit modulus counters (MCSM)
  • 4 dedicated PWM channels
  • 4 capture compare channels with PWM-mode
  • 12 programmable Chip-Select Outputs
  • Watchdog Timer, Clock-Monitor, Bus-Monitor
  • Two 8-bit dual Function Input/Output Ports
  • One 7-bit dual Function Output Port
  • Serial Communication Interface (SCI)
  • Queued Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI)
  • 10-bit Queued Analog-to-Digital Converter 16 Channels internally, up to 41 Channels with external multiplexing
  • Integrated TOUCAN-Module
  • Background-Debug-Interface (BDM)
  • optional conformal coating


ec376, Module and Evulationboard

Features of ec376 Module

  • Flash-EPROMs (PLCC) up to 1 MByte (16 bits wide) 0 waitstates
  • SRAM up to 1 MByte (16 bits wide) 0 waitstates
  • Fast Termination Mode for Flash-EPROMs and RAMs optional (two-cycle bus transfer)
  • MAX791 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit Battery-Backup Power Switching and RESET-Generator
  • Up to 8 KByte Serial EEPROM on QSPI
  • Backup of SRAMs, internal RAM possible with an external Battery
  • High-Speed RS232C Transmitter/Receiver (MAX232A) max.116 Kbit/s
  • 6 Layers PCB
  • Microcontroller-Bus accessible via two 64-pin connectors (compatible to the ec336/332-Modules)
  • Outer Dimensions 92 x 55 mm, Height 15 mm
  • Operating Temp. 0 to +70 C
  • industrial temperature range -40C to +85C optional
  • Power Supply +5VDC typical 200 mA
  • Optically isolated CAN-interface according to ISO/DIS 11898
  • CANopen available on request
  • CAN-Library available
  • On-Board Programming of Flash-EPROMs by PROG32

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